I have had the absolute pleasure of having Megan as a mentor for the last several years. She and I have worked together in different professional capacities and she has been an integral influence on my career. Her passion, determination and work ethic are unparalleled. She has a gift of using her compassion and business savvy to “get the job” done while delivering in a manner that is not only beneficial to the business, but just as importantly, to the individual(s) she is working with. I have been fortunate enough to have seen first-hand her capabilities of coaching/mentoring, networking, rebranding, implementing policies and procedures, all while minimizing costs without jeopardizing outcome and increasing profits – this is just a snippet of what she’s got up her sleeves! I give her the highest recommendation possible!


Marie Burget- Bautista
Co-owner of Le Burget Salon

I had a pleasure of working with Megan Linney in 2013. Megan was the Director of Operations for MAAC Management and I was the Spa Director at the Intercontinental Hotel in Los Angeles. Megan has an amazing knowledge of spa industry starting from a treatment room being both Massage Therapist and Esthetician, managing spa and its day-to-day operations to being a Director of Operations and simultaneously managing 7 spas. Megan gives clear directions and provides you with necessary tools for you to do your job and to do it well. She knows how to pull the best out of you and how to encourage you to grow. I always admire leaders that encourage your growth and don’t feel threaten by it, but rather thrive on it. Under Megan’s direction, I was able to change my spa team around. We were able to grow our retail and service sales and improve our customer service. Megan is exceptionally hard working and I would love to have another opportunity to work with her.

Agnieszka Lachuev

Agnieszka Lachuev
Spa Manager at the Aqua Star BABOR Beauty Spa The Beverly Hilton Hotel

“Though Megan and I began as co-workers, ‘book-ends’ of a departmental process, we quickly became friends on a deeper level. Megan is able to see right through, beneath the surface of business operations, to the hearts and souls of the people involved. Her leadership, organizational, and visionary skills are superb, always inspiring each member of her team to reach for their own personal best by way of example.”

Robyn Parrish

Robyn Parrish – Designer

It is my pleasure to recommend Megan Linney. Let me get straight to the point – Megan is Type A! If I was starting a company, I’d want her in a top management role. If I was restructuring an organization or program, I’d want her in a top management role. If my organization was in trouble and needed all hands on deck, I’d want her in a top management role! Megan is super intelligent and seems to quickly organize her priorities to handle any task efficiently and effectively. Even more remarkable is the fact that she is fiercely impactful while being quite delightful to work with. My relationship to Megan has been as a vendor providing products and services to multi-door openings under her management. As a buyer, she was demanding but consistently provided details and clear expectations to make the process easy. Her professionalism made every project a win / win! I hope to work with Megan again and again in the future.

Beth Stewart

Beth Stewart
Director of Marketing and Business Development at Windham Mountain Resort

Megan is extremely professional and passionate about business. She works strategically in developing strong business plans for success. Under Megan’s leadership she has taken her teams to the next level. She’s ambitious and knows what it takes to achieve positive results!
March 3, 2014,


Jennifer Lupo
Account Executive

Megan is passionate, organized and always professional. Her work ethic is inspiring and she is committed to the success and growth of the spa industry. Megan is one of the few managers/consultants who has actually worked as a skin care therapist, educator, manager and admissions leader; as a result, her perspective is rare and valuable.
March 4, 2014,

Deedee Crossett

Deedee Crossett
Dean at San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

Megan is a fantastic director and leader. I would gladly work with and alongside her again. She is knowledgeable about the Spa, Well-being, Service, and Beauty Industries. She is strives for all those she works with to be the best that they can be and to deliver the best customer service for the individual. She also has an innate ability to evolve as these industries evolve to experience and deliver the best.
March 6, 2014,

Kim Carr-Pierce

Kim Carr-Pierce
Owner / Stylist at The Orchid Salon

I have had the pleasure of working with Megan on many occasions. Megan worked for my company, Tru, on two different occasions and – as a testament to Megan’s resourcefulness, skill as a networker, and the respect she garners – we have had a professional relationship that has linked my companies with those that she has worked for. I find Megan thoughtful, analytical, straightforward, and remarkably well prepared. Most importantly, though, Megan is one of those rare people who can see the heart of a matter without getting bogged down in the extraneous noise. Megan has the skill set to be an asset to any organization and drive and demeanor to be successful at whatever she puts her mind to.
December 15, 2014

Craig Fossella

Craig Fossella
COO at Beautified

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Megan in-person on a number of spa rebranding projects and she is the epitome of passion and professionalism! She has a natural ability to inspire those working with and for her, pushing everyone to be their best self. A unique blend of experience as practitioner, educator, director, and consultant truly sets her apart from the pack and provides the comprehensive skillset necessary to tackle any aspect of spa business. This industry needs more people like Megan.
March 18, 2014,


Andrea Bryant
Regional Account Executive at Naturopathica Holistic Health