The Artistry of Positive Attitude

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Staff Meetings: The importance of inspiration through communication.

Amazing spa experiences do not “JUST HAPPEN.” They are a combination of skills, personality and perfecting professionalism. The artistry of attitude is something that needs to be cultivated and coaxed out on a daily basis to be GREAT at what we do in the spa business.
In our organization, we hold pre- shift meetings with our teams before every shift starts. Of course, we share organizational projects, financial goals for our spa, special guests and celebratory occasions. We also discuss general spa magic we would like to manifest and ways we plan to “WOW.” These meetings last 5-15 minutes but happen daily. They keep us connected and on the same page. They also minimize the need for long and frequent staff meetings and excessive memos posted.
As informative of these pre-shift meetings are they are also a source of inspiration and opportunity to have fun and share the love of what we do with each other. We try to integrate a little of these intentions in every meeting. As service providers, we give our guests a lot. Our day involves pampering, massaging, analyzing, polishing, brushing, coloring, cooing and caring for our guests all day, every day. We need to be reinvigorated to bring out our best 100% of the time. In order to do this, our spa leadership teams incorporate the following elements into the pre-shift meetings.
What it is: Tackling life with energy, excitement, enthusiasm and eagerness.
Why it matters: People filled with positive energy tend to see their work as a calling – and end up more satisfied with what they do and with life in general!
How to get more: Zest is contagious, so surround yourself with active, interested, enthusiastic people.
What it is: Believing that the best may lie ahead.
Why it matters: If you believe that good things are likely to happen, you may be open to more opportunities when they arise (Great Guests experiences!) Optimists tend to see setbacks as temporary, which makes it easier to persevere.
How to get more: Each day, think of three things that went well and why. If you do it for a week, you’ll feel happier. If you keep it up, you’ll be unstoppable. Small effort. Big payoff!
What it is: A penchant for seeking out the new and different.
Why it matters: People who describe themselves as intentionally curious report greater life satisfaction and a deeper sense of meaning. They also push themselves to learn and meet their goals.
How to get more: As soon as we think we’re an expert in something, we usually stop paying attention and switch to autopilot. So when you’re doing something you’ve done a thousand times, make it your goal to see what can be different this time!

Creating magic is organic but also a result of setting the intention consistently. Give this some thought the next time you step into a spa, either for service or for your shift. If we all bring a little magic there is more magic to share.

“We do not remember days, we remember moments.” Cesare Paves

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