So… You want to open a spa? OK!

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So you want to open a spa or salon? Great idea!

When people envision opening a new spa everyone starts at a different point. Your vision may begin with linen colors and refreshment ideas, or distinctive uniforms and training or perhaps a state-of-the-art facility. Regardless of where you start or what kind of spa you want to open… everyone needs to consider a few things before the guests arrive.

A successful spa opening requires three important things. First of all, a clear vision of what you want to be known for at your spa. Whether your goal is to be at the top tier and pulling out every stop or you’re going for the middle of the road “comfort food” spa embracing a stellar Massage Therapy team, first think of what type of lasting impression you want to make on your guests and members.

I have seen the challenges of spas trying to be a little bit of everything while not being really wonderful at anything. Be clear on what your team and facility can provide for your guest experience and expectations. From there, strive to be the very best version of yourself possible!

Next, a 30, 60 and 90 day plan sprinkled with a lot of flexibility. Even months of planning require a little give or take here and there. It may be that a line of plumbing will not work where you planned to put those gorgeous infinity tubs, and they need to be moved a foot. Or it could be that the Star Stylist with a clientele has gotten cold feet at the last minute, declined your offer and you have appointments on the books. In any case, having a little flexibility and a plan B and C is the key to making it happen without losing your grace.

Lastly, an empowered staff!  Allow your team to be a part of it. Whether they come up with the most brilliant plan to maximize space or they move the same boxes back to the EXACT place you just asked them to move it from. Get them part of the process so they can have ownership once you’ve opened. You may have created the idea or held the vision, but it takes a team to bring it to life!! Borrowing from one a delightful Concierge, Eric, at Balance Philly~ “teamwork makes the dream work!’

Plan for long hours and moments where you can’t tell if you are making things better or worse. But, in the end there is nothing like the feeling of opening a space where people come to make themselves better, either on or off the table! Where the next you is working the desk or unpacking a shipment waiting for the chance to be groomed to success!

Just don’t forget to instill in your team the three pillars of the best spa experiences: Friendliness, Cleanliness and Efficiency. Everything else can be painted over later. ☺

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