100% effort 100% of the time

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100percent effort 100percent of the time

Strive for 100% effort 100% of the time

Does this excite or terrify you? Does it make you want to create a list and attack? Or shrink from the overwhelming feelings of pressure?
The normal and honest response for most of us is a little of both. Yet, the benefits far outweigh the fear. The impact of making the effort and consequently making a difference every day is the payoff. When you know that you can never take a day off from giving your best, it becomes part of your discipline and takes less effort over time. The daunting feeling is replaced with the pride of a job well done and high standards maintained.

Here are some pointers to help the new habit form:

• Show up daily with a great attitude
• Keep the BIG picture in the forefront of your mind
• Check the work you and your team do each day, don’t let things slide.
• Get people involved- delegate where you can and then follow up so growth can happen.
• Pay attention to the details and progress.  What you focus on your staff will focus on. So whether it’s you or someone else, the point is to keep everyone actively engaged with the goals and tasks.
• Build alliances with your staff as well as other colleagues.  Work together for a common cause and goal
• Work when you’re working and play when you aren’t.  Recognize that sometimes they mix.
• Be consistent!
• Take a setback in stride.  Accept that there will be days that you do not get everything right.
• Own that you have the chance to make a difference each day

Leading by example and never give up when there are setbacks. For example, you implement a new attendance policy to avoid the constant call-outs during your busy weekends. When it seems to provide relief and a resolution, you decide to add more appointments to your booking availability. Now, the busy weekend is here and you are ready to roll it out. Murphy’s law kicks in, three of your staff call-out on a fully booked Saturday.
You can look at this situation and think, “well, that didn’t work for long.”  Or you can sit the three individuals down and address the specific problem. This is more in line with your goal, rather than throw in the towel on the rest of the team who have made improvements. You may not have reached your goal that day, but there’s always tomorrow.  Remember that giving 100% doesn’t erase the chance of mistakes or failure. However, it does increase the likelihood of more successes.
Stay optimistic and keep your head up, don’t let minor or major challenges deter you from the BIG Picture goals. It seems simple enough, but it can be tough to not be distracted and let the hiccups get your down. Giving 100% effort  100% of the time isn’t about being perfect, it’s about making the effort and working towards the goal. The only way this is possible is to adjust your attitude and keep it in perspective to the bigger picture.
Four easy and quick tips:
1) Prioritize your calendar and daily tasks and meeting in order of those that support your BIG picture goal
2) Tell people. Sharing the information with others holds you accountable. Let others help you achieve 100%.
3) Set reminders.  Keep yourself inspired and motivated with a little levity and fun.
4) Reward and applaud your achievements, when you make efforts and achieve goals, take a moment to celebrate them before taking it to the next level.

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