About Megan


What do I do exactly?


When you are considering opening a new spa or salon business, you may need help with the creative vision, day-to-day operations or big picture logistics or all of the above. I bring 20 years of experience from the world of beauty and wellness to help you be as successful as possible in the most efficient time frame.

Another common scenario is you already have a business, but it needs some updating to get to the next level or TLC to get it back on track. Through a consultation, we can work together to strategize the best possible way to get your business back on track and your team re-engaged. Perhaps your beauty and wellness business is going really well and now you are in a great position to expand, add or otherwise enhance your business. An experienced professional perspective and talking strategies are great places to start. Together we can increase your profitability and visibility as well as increase the opportunity for your team and visibility.

My philosophy is really quite simple.  I believe when your team is committed and on board you get the best possible results. A common focus for profitability is on guest retention yet the main focus needs to be on STAFF retention. This means treating them with respect by sharing your vision, creating a plan and committing to each other to achieve those goals.

My goal is to align ownership and leadership to empathize and respect all staff and their involvement. People work harder for those that they believe in and respect. When you can provide some transparency in your strategy, everyone wins. They understand what they are working towards and why.

Many successful people can attribute their accomplishments to hard work and having a great mentor somewhere along the way. If you can hire and mentor valuable professionals you increase the loyalty to your business and avoid wasting a lot of valuable time recruiting, hiring and training constantly. Instead, you can spend your energy on growing your business, as well as, opportunities for the valuable professionals.