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Throughout my career, I have repeatedly been recruited and hired by Spa and Salon Owners and Executives to fix their operations. The scope and locations vary across the country, but the people part always comes back to the same challenge in every single one of those projects. The consistent element I discovered was that the operation suffered when the leadership and staff stopped caring about whom and where they worked.

After more than a decade, I created Spa Life, a way to support and mentor spa and salon leadership in creating a dynamic culture to continue the growth and success of the operations. Spa Life inspires leaders and staff so they can inspire our guests so our spas and salons thrive.
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Are you living the Spa Life?

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Do you want this?

Many successful people can attribute their accomplishments to hard work and having a great mentor somewhere along the way.  If you can hire and mentor valuable professionals that will be loyal to your business you can avoid wasting a lot of valuable time recruiting, hiring and training constantly. Instead, spend your energy on growing your business as well as opportunities for the valuable professionals you’ve added to your team.


Menu of Services

A la carte


1. Menu authoring 
2. Service and SOP creation

3. Product research and comparisons

4. Equipment and Supply recommendations

5. Pricing and timing conventions

6. Recruitment assistance

7. Operations Support
8.Customized Spa Coaching
9. Short term Leadership and Advisory retainer in operation capacity 



1. Pre-Opening Spa/Salon from FF&E, menu creation, recruitment, training and execution of all operational tasks.
2. Marketing and Event planning, partnering and execution

3. Leadership Recruitment process- descriptions, posting, vetting and recommendations

4. Sales, Upselling and Incentives Training 

5. Updating Operations and Facility

6. Budget Management and Expense Control Support

7. Employee Retention Strategies

8. Creating and Maintaining culture
9. Service Standards-Team training to increase customer satisfaction scores, rankings and loyalty
10. Customized Spa Coaching

Spa Life upcoming workshops for Industry Professionals


1. Creating Culture~ a dynamic business where employees thrive and guests line up at your door. 
Time or money? Grow your team to Grow the business and find more time.
3. Integrity and Success can coexist…honesty and clarity help build strong teams. 

4. Be a Leader of people and a Manager of tasks- learn the difference.

5. Reignite your passion for wellness and beauty

6. Beauty Brainstorming… creating exciting new service menus and programming



Email: info@meganlinneyspalife.com 

Tel:: 510.543.8129

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